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Tingalin - (Albanian Çiftelija) Music Instrument app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 6992 ratings )
Music Entertainment
Developer: Tingalin, LLC
Current version: 2.0.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Aug 2008
App size: 34.14 Mb

Tingalin is a unique music instrument based on the Albanian lute Çifteli (meaning "pair of strings").

Tingalin simulates strumming by shaking your device, as if strumming the real instrument. Each strum up or down plays one chord at a time. Continuously strumming plays back the entire melody. You can also play back a melody by swiping the bowl on screen or simply pressing the play button.

Tingalin is also great for those wishing to learn how to play the real instrument. Simply slow down the tempo and watch where the notes are played on the handle to follow along.

Tingalin offers multiple instrument voicings. Each voicing can be tuned to the preferred pitch using the slider control +/- 2 octaves.

The Çifteli is a wooden instrument with a long thin handle and a pear-shaped sound bowl. This two string lute looks similar to Setar, Saz and Tambura; however, its sound is unique. The first string is used to play the notes while the seconds strings acts as a backup harmonic tune.

"The Tingalin iPhone app simulates this two-stringed instrument with absolute fidelity, going as far as to recreate the wrist-based strumming technique of the ancient Çifteli masters."
~Tech Crunch

"Before I go to bed I simply must play my Tingalin!" ~Imogen Heap

Pros and cons of Tingalin - (Albanian Çiftelija) Music Instrument app for iPhone and iPad

Tingalin - (Albanian Çiftelija) Music Instrument app good for

Shum App I mir si me pas qiftelin origjinale ne dor. Tung Kia makshana
Bravo tkoft shqipe .. Shum app i mir edhe ideja eshte fantazi Ju pershendes te gjithve kudo qe jeni Shqipe ForEver
Update Come On Please!! Make more room for the qifteli lol, and add hajredin pasha, what happend to your Tingalin 2.0 update you promised us all???!
Very nice app.... Well worth the price.. Just hope the developer will add more tune.
Fun app.. Good looks and super sound quality. I can finally play a instrument.. yes! One of the apps they really shows off your iPhone.. see if your blackberry friends can match this
I hope this is the first of many Albanian apps. Rrofte Shqiperija Etnike!

Some bad moments

This is a total waste of money!!!! Damn I an pissed I shelled out for this!
I gave 2 Like it but 5mins afta got bored... Bored easily... Still cool tho... (:
How can you rate this app 5 stars if its never been updated So because I paid $4 for it and no updated ur gonna make me sell it to others for $.99 so I can get my money back and its easy to do it ...:)
Does this work on the iPhone 4s? No sound for me. seen it work elsewhere and it seems awesome!!