Tingalin - (Albanian Çiftelija) Music Instrument App Reviews

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More Songs pls..

We need a update with more songs pls..!


Shum App I mir si me pas qiftelin origjinale ne dor. Tung Kia makshana

Crazy App.

Ein muss für alle Albaner! Thanks Afrim for this App.


Bravo tkoft shqipe .. Shum app i mir edhe ideja eshte fantazi Ju pershendes te gjithve kudo qe jeni Shqipe ForEver

Exceptional App

This is the best paid app Ive ever bought.


Aplikacioni eshte perfekt dhe shume argetues!

iOS 10 and 7/7Plus Update!!!

Update Come On Please!! Make more room for the qifteli lol, and add hajredin pasha, what happend to your Tingalin 2.0 update you promised us all???!

This is great!

sounds great!


this app is a lot of fun to play with.

Very nice!

Very nice app.... Well worth the price.. Just hope the developer will add more tune.

Wow, Does this App Blow

Not interesting. Not fun. Boring, even at .99c

A must have

Fun app.. Good looks and super sound quality. I can finally play a instrument.. yes! One of the apps they really shows off your iPhone.. see if your blackberry friends can match this

Coolest app for Albos

I hope this is the first of many Albanian apps. Rrofte Shqiperija Etnike!


Its amazing to have a millenia old instrument on something so modern as the iphone. This application is simply a joy to use and i can break out into an air-cifteli session at a moments notice. :) I LOVE IT! Thanks for the great app.

Music to my ears

Feels like Im back on the beach in Vlore!

well worth the money!!

ive been playing this little thing for hours!!!

A must for music lovers

If you love music you HAVE to have this. but its great for even someone who just enjoys a nice tune they slapped together without effort. very fun. it could use a few updates, maybe more composition tools.

Very fine foe the average gentleman or gi

Im not very good at it (its hard for me) but you can just use the ones that come with it and those are very fine therefore this app is very fine. It will be hated by those with bad taste in musing meaning rap, hard metal rock...etc....


This is the best app ever. Rroftë Shqipëria etnike

Cultural Education app?

This is a fun way to expose yourself to other cultures. It would be even better if included within the app was a page of information on the instrument and its origins.

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